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The modern-day traveler wants to plan a travel door-to-destination and back. A travel mobile app can make that possible.

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We travel for the experience — to experience the thrill of visiting a new place, culture and food. Until the last decade, travel magazines and tour operators helped with going to places. But, it was a cumbersome process. Enjoying a good trip was like winning a jackpot. Travel mobile apps have rewritten the laws of the game. They make travel planning, booking and even navigating during the travel a hassle-free affair.

NZ Softech is a travel app development company that caters to its client needs to build high-tech mobile apps within the shortest time possible. We build mobile apps for booking flights, planning tours, exploring new destinations and also explore destinations virtually with 3D visuals.

What are you waiting for? Grow with the explosive growth of the travel and tourism industry. Let your business take flight with our travel app development services.

Plan & Execute your Travel App Development

Features designed to make lives easier for travelers, travel operators and aggregators.

Interactive Scheduling

Reviews and Recommendations

GEO Location

In-App Purchases

Push Notifications

API Integration

Social Media Integration

Comprehensive Reporting

Travel App Development Solutions we offer

The travel and tourism industry is not made up of a single activity. It is the coming together of several activities. No matter what activity you want to focus on, we can build an app for that.

Property Booking

Travel Planning

Apps that help travelers to find new destinations, explore mode of transport to reach them, know about its history and landmarks, read other traveler stories and much more.

Property Booking

Hotel Booking

A place to rest when done traveling is hard to find. We build mobile apps that will help weary travelers find a safe place to rest and rejuvenate so that they can start again the next day.

Property Booking

Ticket Booking

NZ Softech can help your business build mobile apps for ticket booking for flight, train, cab, bikes or even luxury cruises. If you want to sell a ticket, we can build you an app for that.

Property Booking

Finding Home Stay

On one hand hosts with home stays. On the other, verified travelers who want interesting places to stay. Make them both meet with a mobile app that is built on the lines of vacation rental marketplace.

Property Booking

Virtual Tours

Travel is an experience. Let your users experience them the best from the comfort of their couch with virtual tours. We can help you build a mobile app that gives virtual tours from Australia to Zambia.

Property Booking

Vehicle Rental Booking

On-demand vehicle rental services are better when they can be accessed through a mobile app. Build the UBER for vehicle rental booking with our mobile app development expertise.

Know our unique strengths

Like every successful mobile app that has its own handful of great features, NZ Softech also has some unique features that makes us awesome.

Customized Solutions

Your business is as unique in its own way. Your requirements would be unique in its own way. We offer customized solutions that will cater to those unique requirements.

NDA Compliance

All data, know-how and information that you share with us during the engagement will not be shared with third parties. We sign a non-disclosure agreement to put that in writing.

Deliver Global Experience

Our UI/UX designers with a creative bent of mind know how to make users fall in love with travel apps. We design and deploy mobile apps that offer an enriched user experience to users all around the world.

Affordable Pricing

The software we develop and the apps we launch look and feel premium. But our travel mobile app development services are not charged to cost a bomb. They will be reasonable for the value offered.

Dedicated Teams

We have a team of travel app developers who are assigned to each project. There is no multi-tasking involved which ensures that your app is given complete focus and attention that it deserves.

On-Time Delivery

In travel and in business, time is of essence. A day lost will never come back. The market timing once missed will cost dearly. We run the extra mile to ensure that all projects are delivered on time without any delays.

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