On-demand taxi booking has matured into a Billion dollar market. Take a slice of that market with your own white label UBER like taxi app and get it customized to all corners. From onboarding admins to enlisting taxi drivers and also managing customer data, our taxi app developers can help you with a taxi app development solution that can do it all.

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A White Label Taxi App, Build to Your Order

At NZ Softech, we are of the belief that building a taxi booking mobile app should not be difficult. It should not be bank balance shattering either. Neither should it take ages to complete the app and launch it into the market.

Our taxi app developers with special expertise in building on demand apps can help build a white label taxi booking app that you are looking for. The taxi app be bolted with all state-of-the-art on-demand booking features that users, drivers and admins will be looking for.

Real-time GPS location tracking of passenger and the driver to begin with. One tap booking, integrated digital wallets for hassle-free payment, reviews and ratings, favorite routes, types of cars, hourly booking, and so many more features can be fitted into the mobile app. Consider your every feature request made possible.

Would it look like a knock off of some other mobile app? As a white label mobile app, we will ensure that your taxi booking app looks original and a branded one at that. From color themes to user interface, we can customize every pixel of your taxi app.

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification. Please do not hesitate, having a question is a sign of intelligence. You will have an expert from the best taxi app development company to guide you.

The Main Features Of Our Taxi App Development Services


Passenger Profile

Every user or passenger get to create their own profile complete with their personal contact details.

Ride Now

Users can book a cab for immediate use from their real-time location with the ride now option.

Schedule Ride

For those unearthly cab rides, users can book a cab for a later time that is most convenient for them.

Book For Others

Users can book cabs using the app for someone else and send the ride details to them directly from the app.

Vehicle Selection

Users can choose a cab of their that best fits their time, size, and ride distance requirements.

Real-Time ETA

The app can highlight the real-time ETA of the ride to the user’s location accurately.

Fare Estimates

Inform users an estimated fare they have to pay for the ride once they reach their selected destination.

Driver Tracking

GPS-driven vehicle tracking that highlights the accurate location and the movement of the cab towards user location.

Multiple Payment Options

After successful payment, online tickets are generated in the form of a QR-code.

Notification Alerts

Notification for every successful cab booking, the arrival of a cab, ride cancellation, ride completion, offer alerts and so on.

Preferred Driver

User populated star ratings and review system that will allow new passengers to select high-rated drivers.

SOS Button

When any unexpected mishaps happen, customers can use the SOS button to reach out for emergency support.

Promo Codes

Entice users to use the app regularly with loyalty schemes attached to promo codes, discounts, etc.

Referral Rewards

Incentivize users to invite their near and dear to use the app with referral rewards in the form of free rides, promo codes, etc.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel their bookings easily from the same screen where the ride was booked along with appropriate reasons.

Contact Driver

Users can reach out to through phone call to the cab driver assigned to them straight from the app.

Ride Ratings

For every completed ride, the user can leave a star rating as well as text review of the ride experience.

Trip History

A complete history of all the completed rides along with data in timestamps can be seen the user profile section.

Favorite Location

A user can mark frequently visited locations as favorites. It helps save time when the booking has to be done repetitively.

Multilingual Support

Users can toggle between multiple languages to use the app effortlessly on a language of their choice.

Easy Registration

A simple and hassle-free process for drivers to easily register their vehicles or driver services with the app

Select Availability

Drivers can toggle between their working hours and break hours using available and unavailable options.

Real Time Requests

All ride requests are populated on a real-time basis and forwarded to nearby drivers tracked using GPS.


Drivers can choose to accept or reject a ride depending on their availability or interest in taking the ride.

Trip Information

The driver gets complete trip information like passenger pickup location, drop location and estimated fare for the ride.


GPS-enabled in-built navigation to guide the driver to the passenger drop location through the shortest and quickest route possible.

Cancel Booking

Not all bookings get through the first time. The driver can use the option to cancel a confirmed booking, if required.

Contact Passenger

Provide drivers with complete ride details including passenger contact & location

Start/End Trip

Once the passenger is picked up the driver can start the end trip using OTP or swipe gestures on the app screen.

Trip Summary

A comprehensive trip summary comprising of information like a pickup, drop location, final fare, customer details, etc.

Track Earnings

The driver can track the entire earnings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from the app screen.

Driver Dashboard

From completed trips to ongoing trips and earnings, the driver can see all vital info on a single screen.

Rate Customer

Drivers can also rate the passengers depending on the trip experience with star rating & reviews.

SOS Contacts

When things go wrong unexpectedly, the driver can reach out to admin or other emergency support teams.

My Destination

Drivers can set specific locations where they desire to get more rides from.

Upcoming Rides

Drivers can track numbers of upcoming rides scheduled from the dashboard as well as the earning from the rides.

Payment Management

The driver can receive payment in cash or in the wallet, payment can be transferred to the bank any point of time.

Trip History

The driver can see a complete list of timestamped view of trips and the earnings thereon using the trip history.


The driver can reach to a service provider for any conflict or assistance.

Secure Login

SSO or email based secure login system for the admin to log into the panel.

Admin Dashboard

An all information compromising control centre exclusive for the admin.

Track Drivers

The admin can have a bird’s eye view of all drivers and their current location.

Manage Drivers

The admin has the user privileges to add, edit or remove drivers from time to time.

Manage Customers

Similar to drivers, the admin can also add, edit or remove customers from using the app.

Manage Dispatchers

The admin can add dispatch manager to handle operations and dispatches for a particular region and services.

Manage Vehicles

Admin can monitor the vehicle inventory and assign drivers to them for effective usage.

Manage Categories

Dispatch manager and Admin can add and update different car categories, location wise or by services demand.

Manage Tariffs

The admin can configure custom pricing or set up dynamic pricing that varies with volume and demand.

Reporting & Analytics

Know how users are booking rides, the most frequented routes, peak hours and much more with detailed reporting & analytics.

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatch managers get access to this panel to handle and deploy drives as per the demand.

Manual Bookings

Manage all routes, add pickup and drop points, schedules, and other details.

Heat Map

Admin has the access to monitor the demand for taxi and can accordingly deploy drivers in the regions.

Manage Refunds

Keep track of refunds that are to be initiated or to be transferred to users after verification.

SMS Alerts Settings

The admin can control the frequency of SMS alerts and when they should be sent to users.

Ride Later Settings

Configure how early users can schedule rides and what kind of cabs are available for scheduled bookings.

Country/Currency Settings

Multilingual and multi-currency support to help the app work appropriately for users from across the globe.

Send App Notifications

Configure what kind of push notifications can be sent, how frequently they can be sent to users from the admin panel.

Payment Integration

Integrate the app with payment integrations for cards, online banking and digital wallets.

The Advantages of our Taxi App Development

100% customizable

Customize the app with your own brand presets like colour, fonts, themes and much more.

White Label Solution

A white label solution that can showcase the app as your own without any watermarks or logo restrictions.

High-end Security

Our taxi app developers build encryption based security system that prevents unauthorized access of all forms.

Ready to Market

The taxi app development solution has completed testing stage and can be readily deployed post customization.

Scalable and Robust

A robust backend and a scalable database will ensure that your app will keep up with the pace of your business growth.


Customize and modify the app to make it perform like a native app of any diverse industry.

Technology Stack Behind Taxi App Development

Payment Gateway
Database & Server
SMS & E-mail
Map & Navigation
Payment Gateway
Database & Server
SMS & E-mail
Map & Navigation
java Copy
google analytics Copy
Slide1 5
Slide1 4
amazon rds
aws ec2
aws s3
AWS API Gateway
Slide1 6
socket io
Aws ses
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An on-Demand Taxi-Hailing App for Commuters Convenience

With the tremendous success of Uber across the globe, the taxi-hailing app is becoming the prime startup ideas for delivering convenience to passengers to the extreme remote of the world. With stepping in of cab-hailing leader Uber in Nigeria, On-demand taxi booking business was instantly on the fast track to success. Our client wanted to leverage the arising market opportunity and give both passengers and drivers the Nigerian system of the business.

The taxi app developers at NZ Softech developed an on-demand taxi booking app Dorel Taxi for Nigerians. The application was developed for iOS and Android platform which includes passengers as well as driver app. The admin manages entire taxi dispatch and drivers through the robust ad secure admin dashboard.

Use Cases of on-demand Solutions

Trucking Booking Solutions

Build an on-demand truck booking app that will allow users to book a single truck of a fleet of them for their logistic purposes.

Carpooling App

Bring together car owners and passengers sharing the same route and travel timings with a carpooling app.

Hire a Bike

Kick off an on-demand bike rental business that allows users to connect to bike fleet owners and vice versa.

Tow Truck app

Create your own Uber for tow trucks that can be of aid for roadside assistance.

Airport Taxi

Airport shuttles are hard to find and difficult to book. An airport taxi booking app can make things simpler for all.

Bus Booking

An on-demand bus booking app that allows users to book seats or entire buses for their personal/professional purposes.


FAQs on Taxi App Development Solutions

On the basis of our extensive experience as a leading android software development company and the questions that our partners ask, we have enlisted the following most asked questions. Our hope here is that through them, you will come one step closer to understanding Android at its core.

Can you Customise The App As Per Our Business Model?

Yes, being a white label taxi booking solution, the app can be customised extensively to meet the branding requirements of your business.

How Much Time Does it Take to Develop Uber Like Taxi Booking App?

The application can be launched into the market within 6-8 weeks with you branding changes. Depending on the level of customization requirement and additional features desired, the delivery period would vary accordingly. Let us know your complete requirements and we will chart out a definite timeline of taxi app development.

How Much Does The Taxi App Solution Cost?

Our taxi app development pricing. is very competitive and flexible. The exact pricing can be intimated depending on the customization and features involved.

Will You Provide Unique Branding for Our Application?

Yes, we do. From logo placement to color theme, our taxi app developers will help you customize every pixel of the taxi app.

Can I Develop An On-demand Taxi Booking App for My Private Taxi Business?

Yes, taxi booking solutions are not limited to any size of business. You can use it for your local business, within your city, corporate offices, airport, schools or anywhere else.

Can you Develop The Application in Multi-Language?

Yes. with the help of language predefined language packs, Our taxi app developers will help you build an app that speaks the user’s language

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