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We still need brick and mortar to build buildings. But, we no longer have to take the analog way to find properties and real estate. A real estate app can simplify the task of real estate trading, purchasing or even managing. NZ Softech can help you with you building and deploying a real estate mobile app.

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Why you should place your bet on real estate app development solutions

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The millennial generation has a different way of doing things. They think is is pretty old school to shortlist brokers and visit each property until a good one is spotted. They do not have the patience nor the time to explore real estate opportunities. What they need is a real estate mobile app that will help them filter the right kind of property and shortlist it for buying or renting. Who else than a top-rated real estate app development company like NZ Softech to do it for you?

NZ Softech is a mobile app development company that has been helping businesses become digital corporations with the power of mobility. We craft mobile apps for diverse industries, including real estate that can help you reach customer faster, serve them better and also retain them for lifetime. Our app development expertise is designed taking into consideration the needs of builders, brokers, home buyers and also allied business providers.

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Highlight features for builders, brokers and buyers

Pick from the many standard features that we offer in real estate app development. Turn your real estate business into a paperless one with our experience with our workflows-based mobile app development

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The many possibilities of a real estate mobile app

A real estate app can do lot more than what you can imagine. As a real estate development company, we will help you build a real estate app that can perform several functions at once.

Property Booking

Property Booking

Build a real estate app that allows users to book favorite properties based on location, price range, number of rooms, property type, age and much more.

Property Booking

Property Renting

The biggest market for real estate is with the rental properties. We can help you build a real estate app that allows users to find rental properties based on several parameters.

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Property Management

When there are several properties owned by a single owner, property management becomes cumbersome. Our real estate app can help you manage all properties from a single dashboard.

Property Booking

360 Virtual View of Property

Turn real estate selling into an immersive experience with 360-degree views of properties that have more detailing about interiors, room dimensions, floor area and much more.

Why invest in real estate app development

Know the several reasons why real estate mobile app development is crucial in the coming days of digital boom.

More Qualified Leads

For any business, getting leads is a long battle. For a real estate business, that battle is even tougher. A real estate mobile app an help connect leads with a high intent to purchase to your business.

Increase Bookings

Increase your property tour books drastically by building a real estate app the app can streamline bookings by identifying the perfect time slots when owners, brokers and buyers are ready to take the tour.

Brand positioning

Enhance your brand position as a real estate business by embracing the mobile app wave. Become a brand that is visible and accessible to customers in your region and beyond with a customized mobile app.

Virtual Tour

Make it easy for users to come to a decision about a property with virtual tours of properties. The virtual tour can be primed with in depth details about the property, 360-degree view and also floor area measurements to decide interior design.

Competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by reaching customers faster with the mobile app. Save time for sales reps to follow leads. You can know high quality leads from the rest to close deals faster.

Global reach

Location matters a lot in real estate selling. But, real estate property in any location of the world is worth its weight in gold. Real estate app development can make properties accessible to a global market.

Who is it for?

You can be a real estate owner, a broker or someone who wants to build a real estate aggregator app. Whoever you are, NZ Softech can help you build the right mobile app.

Real Estate Buyers

There is a better way for users to find and buy their dream estate property. It is through a mobile app. NZ Softech builds mobile apps that makes it easier for users to buy real estate properties.

Real Estate Company

Take your offline real estate company into the digital space with a bespoke mobile app. Showcase your portfolio digitally with images, videos, virtual tours and much more.

Real Estate Aggregators

Be the connecting force between real estate buyers and sellers. Create a marketplace of real estate with an aggregator app that lists diverse range of properties.

Why Choose Us

NZ Softech has been winning recognition from all around the world as a mobile app development company that builds custom solutions for various industries. Know in detail the qualities that makes us unique.

Custom Solutions

Every real estate mobile app we build is treated like a new project with its own specific requirements, design theme and user experience. Rest assured, your app will not look like something that is already existing on the market.

Rapid Development

Gain faster entry to market, win leads faster and close them easier. We have a streamlined and organized process of mobile app development that helps rapid release in app stores.

Interactive Design

Design speaks volumes, especially for a real estate mobile app, design is the cornerstone of user experience. We ensure that your real estate app has the right design elements that will make it user interactive.

Adopt Agile Methodology

NZ Softech takes pride in following the Agile project management methodology. We have dedicated project manager and scrum masters who ensure that the project marches forward in full swing to achieve all milestones.

Cost Efficient Solutions

Quality should not always come with a high price. As a Real Estate Mobile App Development Company, we ensure that our services are priced aptly for all range of businesses.

On-Time Delivery

The market does not wait for anything or anyone. We know that better than anyone else. That is why we put greater emphasis on delivering projects on time, without any delay.

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