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Health is the best form of wealth. The digital generation of users want mobile apps to keep track of it. What better than a well-shaped health and fitness app to do the task? Count on NZ Softech to build a health & fitness app, like a health-conscious individual will count on their fitness coach to see great results.

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Build a health & fitness mobile app that can make anyone healthy

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The endless digital entertainment that mobile apps serve used with has long since been blamed to be the cause of physical inactivity. We believe that the same mobile apps to hold the power to help users adopt a healthy lifestyle.

NZ Softech brings together the power of technology and age-old physical training to help users lead a healthy lifestyle. We build health and fitness mobile apps that empower users to set up an exercise regime, follow the regime like a habit and also measure the results from time-to-time.

If a mobile app that runs ahead of the time is what you are looking for, NZ Softech can help you build mobile apps that can work fine with wearable devices, fitness trackers and even on usual smartphones.

All we need you to do is to give a broad picture of what you are looking for. We will bring in rest of the IT capabilities you need to build a complete health & fitness app.

Features to plan & execute fitness goals

From planning to workout to seeing those plans to action, our health and fitness mobile apps are enriched with features that your users will become habitual to.

Activity tracking

Workout videos

Personalized plans

Workout calendars

HealthKit & Google Fit integration

Progress visualization

Wearables Integration

Challenges and goals

Social features

Instant messaging



Payment Integration


Timer and countdown

One App, Many Users

We design and develop health & fitness mobile apps that users, personal trainers, dietitians and admins can use alike.

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer


Each user can create their own profile complete with current health metrics like height, weight, and health inputs.


The app can be configured as a free service with limited functionalities or as a paid one with subscription.

Activity timeline

Users can view their activity routine from day one until the present day through a well-designed dashboard.

Daily plan

A customized daily plan to help users to train for their goals using weights, cardio, strength training, etc.

Daily activity inputs

Users can input the app with relevant information about daily activities which will be used to create the activity timeline.

Video training

The app will have videos from experts to help them train the right manner without suffering any injuries due to mistakes.

Live chat

A live chat feature will be available in the app to enable users to chat with their fitness instructors for improving results.

Diet chart

Weight loss, weight gain, fitness training — the app can give a customized diet chart customized to each fitness goal

Fitness plans

Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly fitness plans will be charted to help the user progress consistently

Workout plans

According to fitnes goals, the personal trainer provides exclusive custom workout routines to the premium customers.

Track Progress

Users can monitor their progress in terms of calories burnt, fitness performance, endurance, etc

Steps counter

In-built navigation and motion sensors will ensure that every step taken by the user during a day is counted by steps counter.

Calorie counter

Users can input the food items that are consuming daily to keep track of their calorie intake

Alerts and reminders

Built-in alert and reminder system that notifies when it is time for daily workout.

Customer support

Round the clock, multi-channel support to attend to any troubleshooting issues with the app.

Payment options

In-app purchases and multiple payment options to enable users to pay in the medium that suits them the most.


A detailed FAQ section where every possible query is addressed in a detailed manner.


A branded blog complete with facility to publish text, image and video blogs.


Explore and find recipes for weight gain, reduction or improving endurance.

Rating and Reviews

Users can review and rate each personal trainer based on their training experience and results achieved.


Each user can create their own profile complete with current health metrics like height, weight, and health inputs.

Upload Workout Videos

Personal trainers can upload their own workout videos that can help users train themselves.

Send Reminders

Facility to send timely reminders to users who have subscribed to personal trainer services.

Schedule Consultation

Trainers can approve/reject personal consultation requests made by users.

Manage Workout Plans

Trainers can organize and manage all workout plans they have suggested to users.

Track Pre-Workout Details

Users can be instructed to prep the right way before the intense workout session begins

Fitness Chart

Trainers can see the progress of users in a fitness chart that is designed like a comprehensive dashboard.

Rating and Reviews

Personal trainer can rate and review its trainee as per its dedication and other fitness parameters.


Each dietitian can create a personalized profile complete with information about their educational background, working experience and expertise.

Customized Nutrition Plan

Dietitian can easily create a customized nutrition plan for each user with the help of a simplified UI for picking and adding diet items.

Subscription Packages

Dietitians can set their own subscription packages based on their level of experience, expertise and services offered.

BMI Calculator

A built-in BMI calculator that allows dietitian to quickly calculate the BMI

Fitness Chart

Dietitians can create customized fitness charts for each users aligned to their fitness goals and diet practices.

Rating and Reviews

Dietitian can rate and review its client as per its observation and fitness progress.

Message the users

Users and dietitians can text each other to exchange diet charts, frequency of mails, supplements if any, to be taken.


Admins can have control the app’s functioning, users/dietitians/trainers being added to the app from the dashboard.

User management

Adding new users, deleting dormant accounts, controlling user privileges — users can do much more with their user management controls.

Manage Subscription plans

Add new subscription plans or edit existing ones to reflect the right pricing plan on the app.

Manage trainer

Admins can add new trainers to the app, check their background and also maintain trainer records in the backend.

Manage food plans

Admins can create custom food plans on their own and position them in the app for maximum visibility.

Manage Nutrition

Create goal-based nutrition plans to help users achieve their fitness goals. Admin can assort and arrange nutrition plans for paid and free members.

Diet list

Create and upload a detailed diet list for dishes to be made with specific types of ingredients, recipes, time of the day, etc.

Diet template

Make it easy for users to follow a diet chart with diet templates that list down food intake, calorie count all in one place.

Workout creation

Create diverse kinds of workouts like weight training, strength training, athletics, endurance, yoga, etc.

Exercise management

Manage exercises to be carried out and personal goals to be achieved from a dashboard.

Calorie counter

Measure calorie intake on a regular basis by giving input of food consumed.

Workout videos

Learn the right way of working out with videos from expert fitness trainers.

Blog post

A dedicated module to manage blogs published in the app’s name.

Diet recipes

Super admin creates entire diet recipes for all the dietitian. Further dietitians this diet recipes according to users plans

Manage bots

The app can be integrated with bots that can engage in live chat with users.

Notification management

Admins set the custom notifications system for the users daily meals, workout plans and fitness goals.

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From out-of-shape to ripped model, an app that helps users get fit

Fitness is for all. But, not everyone knows the best practices to get fit without burning out. One of our clients approached to build a mobile app that will act like an assistant to those who want to get fit. Form Assist would be a mobile app that will train users what to eat, how to work out and how to become the best selves that they want to be.

In order to make the app a truly personalized health and fitness coach, we integrated the app with features like recipe finding, workout planning, chat with dietitians and trainers, goal setting and activity tracking and much more. The app was well-received in app stores and continues to help several users reach their fitness goals.

Who can benefit the most from our fitness app development

Everyone who has it in them to train and mentor others to lead a healthy lifestyle can benefit from our health and fitness app development expertise.

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Fitness Coach

Yoga Instructors

Gym Owner


Why Choose Us

NZ Softech has been winning recognition from all around the world as a mobile app development company that builds custom solutions for various industries. Know in detail the qualities that makes us unique.

Industry expertise

Our inches-wide, miles deep industry expertise will help you create mobile apps that are bespoke to the industry requirements, practices and user expectations.

Long-standing experience

NZ Softech has been building mobile apps for almost close to a decade. Our long-standing experience contributes to perfect commissioning of apps in the first go.

Time-bound deliverables

We take pride in being one of those companies which can deliver completed projects as per agreed timelines. We have dedicated project managers who get things done proactively.

Hallmark quality

Zero bugs. Perfect functioning as detailed in the scope of work. Glitch-free performance even during peak traffic. Expect nothing but hallmark quality from us.

Market reputation

All popular review websites, communities and forums have rated NZ Softech with 5-star reviews making us one of the best app development companies.

All-time support

Call us, mail us, DM us on social handles — no matter how you reach us, we will be prepared to solve your queries in the shortest time span.

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