We provide both readymade and custom on-demand Food delivery solutions, for clients who are looking to grow and scale their businesses to new heights.


We have expertise in creating custom Food delivery app development solutions that are tailored keeping in mind the needs of both users and businesses. We at SemiDot believe in making customized apps that are fit for every business model.

Food Ordering Portal

Our team of food app developers has created multiple food ordering portals for our clients by using the best development methodology.

Restaurant Management System

We create highly scalable and customizable restaurant management systems for our clients to fulfill their business objectives.

Aggregator Food Apps

For entrepreneurs looking to be a complete package in this industry, we create easy to use and intuitive aggregator food apps.

Food Trucks

If you do not plan to open a full restaurant, our food app development solutions can help take your food truck to the users.

Restaurant Search Portals

We have expertise in creating powerful and scalable restaurant search portals for users to find the best restaurant near them.

Coupons and Deals App

Users love buying coupons and deals before going to their favorite restaurant, and we help you in creating one for you business.

Are you worried about suitable customizations to improve food Delivery App?


All our ReadyMade apps comes loaded with various features, they will ensure maximum user retention and manageability.

Multi-Language support

The multi-language support in the Swiggy clone app we make for you has over 60 languages to choose from.

Multi-time zone support

The app is downloadable and works for someone who came from another time zone, making the reach much wider.

Document verification

Both restaurant and drivers go through a document check, to maintain order and transparency at all ends.

Bug reporting

Our shake to give feedback about any app error or crash is one of a kind, it will be solved on a priority basis.

GPS integration

All our on-demand apps are equipped with location-based features to give users live location.

Simple interface

Allow users to 3 touch order, their favorites, the app we create for you will be completely user-focused.

Dish availability management

Restaurants can edit, and the users can see it, every dish that’s currently available to be delivered or picked.


Notification is a must for food delivery apps, as hot food delivered is the essential demand for these apps.

Reasons To Choose NZ Softech As Your Food Delivery App Development Company

With the help of our developers, we can build a Uber Eats clone app for less than a fifth of what it would usually costs, thanks to the demographics of our India office.

Innovative Designs

Our food app designers have expertise in creating immersive, attractive, and engaging food delivery apps, just the way you want.

Effective Communication

Our project managers are the front on communication about your project, you can discuss everything and anything with them.

On-Time Delivery

Your app would be delivered on time, if you want a white label, we have it ready, customization can be done too.


Grubhub like app development is but a reference, your app will be made from scratch, just the way you imagined it to be.

Flexible Hiring Models

There are 6 different hiring models on offer when your food app is developed by us, choose the one convenient to you.


A non-disclosure agreement is completely up to you, if you require it, we have absolutely no problems in signing a one.


We offer various engagement and hiring models, to keep the prices and the development time lowest while fulfilling all your requirements.


The onsite model is very famous for the peace of mind of the client, you can have it all, the way you want, while in the comfort of your office.


The thing about outsourcing your project to India is, you get to choose the best quality, and lowest prices, our offsite model is all about that.


Competitive pricing while you get the same peace of mind as with the on-site model, is what the Hybrid model has on offer for our clients.

Fixed Price

There are more than designing and development aspects to an app, if you choose this, we will take care of it, we do it as a fixed cost package.

Dedicated Hiring

You can hire whoever you want in your team, it is best suited to clients looking forward to outsourcing project which are managed by their team.

Hourly Basis

You can hire your choice of developers and designers on a per hour basis, we give you an average hourly cost for your choice of team members.


FAQs on Mobile App Development

On the basis of our extensive experience as a leading android software development company and the questions that our partners ask, we have enlisted the following most asked questions. Our hope here is that through them, you will come one step closer to understanding Android at its core.

What is the working procedure of food delivery app?

Food delivery app solutions permit the customers to order food products online from anywhere anytime from their nearest restaurant. Users also have the option to pick their order or get the home delivery by the wallet. It helps to enhance the restaurant’s sale by providing valuable customer base.

What is the cost evaluation of food delivery app development?

The complete cost of food delivery app development depends upon the needs and required things by clients. Although, the estimates cost to develop food delivery app will be around $10,000 to $50,000. This cost can vary based on the app type, complexities, location, and other things.

How much time does it take to build a food delivery app?

Being a top food delivery app development company, generally we take 2 to 4 months to build an app but it also depends upon the integrated features and functionalities into the app. Development time can also increase due to different circumstances.

How does an on-demand food delivery app make money?

Food delivery apps apply the monetization tactics that include having commission from the partner restaurants according to the placed orders. It also comprises convenience charges or delivery fee, sponsored ads, and paid listings.

Should I go for an Android or iOS food-delivery app?

Our experienced food delivery app developers suggest going for hybrid or cross-platform food delivery app development to get a better reach to the audiences. But if you want to provide customers faster, smooth and easy experience, then go for native apps.

Why do restaurants need these on-demand mobile apps?

Lots of benefits are there to get from an on-demand food delivery app that range from streamlining the procedures among all the stakeholders to real-time access to users. The top benefit of mobile app to the restaurants is maximum revenue.

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