How Much Does it Cost to Make a Flutter App for Your Business? (Cost Breakdown by App Types & Features)


Do you know that 42% of app developers prefer Flutter as their primary language?

According to the developer survey of 2021, it is considered the well-known cross-platform mobile framework. Released in 2017, Flutter has made a name in the cross-platform community.

But, there is always one question that gets in: how much does it cost to make a flutter app for your business?

After discussing with experienced Flutter app consultants and researching in-depth, we have found the approx Flutter app development cost.

The flutter app development cost ranges from $15,000 to $2,00,000 according to the project’s scope.

  • Simple Flutter App: $15,000 – $60,000
  • Middle Complexity App: $60,000 – $1,20,000
  • Highly Complex flutter App: $1,20,000 – $2,00,000

However, there are multiple factors that define the Flutter app development cost. Read this guide to understand all the factors in detail.

Why Should You Choose Flutter?

Within a short time of its official launch, Flutter has proven its promise. This framework expedites the creation of apps while simultaneously saving time and money.

Here are some justifications for investing in Flutter by startups and SMBs.

1. Highly Economical

  • Flutter is more affordable when compared to other cross-platform app development frameworks. Regardless of company structure or size, it provides complete support for all requirements of every firm.
  • Flutter can help developers by offering a tool for code reuse. Since a single code is used to create an app for several platforms.
  • Small and medium-sized organizations can use this platform to create blazingly fast apps with the functionality they want. Since Flutter apps evolve quickly, app development costs stay low in this case.
  • According to recent research, Flutter was used by 42% of software developers.

2. Accelerated Development

  • Building feature-rich corporate software is usually time-consuming and challenging.
  • If you engage mobile app developers, they will need to work hard for a while to create such a complicated app. Startups and SMBs cannot wait that long or cover the hefty expenses of app development.
  • A reputable Flutter app development firm can help small businesses deploy their apps more quickly than competitors in this situation. Businesses can benefit from a lower TTM because of the speedier platform performance of Flutter apps (Time to Market).

3. Exceptional User Experience

  • Flutter-based user interfaces can be implemented on any platform. Because it has a different rendering engine, developers can continue using the current UI even after shifting to the other platform.
  • Because of this, app users can enjoy a fantastic, native-like experience on all devices. Having the finest user experience can help SMBs grow their customer bases.

4. Multiple Widgets

  • There are several widgets available from Flutter for many industries. These widgets feature a wide range of capabilities that enable developers to easily create complicated user interfaces.
  • Together, third parties widgets and plugins help streamline the development process. The UI tool kit makes the process of creating Flutter apps even more simple.
  • With Flutter apps, SMBs may increase their visibility and reach to boost sales.

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5. Enhanced Productivity

  • With the help of Flutter’s Hot Reloading functionality, designers and developers can work together successfully and review the changes immediately without modifying the code.
  • Developers can see all UI changes during the app development process. Their time and effort can also be saved.
  • The Hot Reloading functionality can increase the Flutter app development company’s total productivity.

6. Modification Functionality

  • The Flutter platform offers a single code-based development approach, so app maintenance and modification are simple for developers.
  • For startups and SMBs, more flexibility and enhanced modification capabilities are advantageous.
  • Small companies can modify their Flutter apps to keep up with the latest developments in mobile app development.
  • Apps can be constantly modified by startups based on the comments and recommendations of their early users.
  • Flutter’s remarkable customizability is essential for keeping the app current and user-friendly.

7. Outstanding Reactivity

  • Apps built using Flutter function smoothly across all platforms. Cross-platform Dart programs can be created without changing the code.
  • Flutter gives programmers the ability to create incredibly responsive apps. Additionally, it reduces the developer’s time spent creating programs for various platforms and OSs.
  • During this period, programmers can improve the usability of their programs. These apps are accessible to businesses on PCs, online platforms, and cell phones.

What is the Average Flutter App Development Cost?

The average Flutter app development cost ranges from $15,000 to $1,50,000.

Let’s discuss the size varies for applications, from tiny to huge, and how much both can cost to build.

  • An average small application takes two months to create. This also holds true for MVPs you want to develop after the first release. It will be sufficient to test your idea on the market and choose the following steps, even if such an application only has essential functions and design.
  • It takes 3 to 4 months to construct a medium-sized app. The number of hours and cost of a project won’t change even if you employ more developers to speed up the development process.
  • Depending on the quantity and complexity of the functionality, an extensive application typically takes 4 to 6 months to create, but it may take longer. The amount of time needed to build an application also depends on how well it was planned out and how quickly choices are made.

The tabulated form given below will make it precise about the average cost to develop a flutter app cost:

App TypeAverage CostsDevelopment Timeline
Small$11,2002 months
Mid-sized$16,800 – $22,4003 – 4 months
Large$22,400 – $33,6004 – 6 months

According to the type of app, the following is the average cost:

  • With all additional charges, the price range for a simple application with fundamental functions, like a fitness app, is between $25,000 and $35,000.
  • It will cost between $37,000 and $49,000 to develop a mid-sized application with more advanced capabilities like phone calls.
  • A large application with advanced functionality, such as a social network app, will cost between $35,000 and $60,000.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Flutter App Development

Multiple factors directly affect the cost of Flutter app development.

Here are some of the major factors which affect the Flutter app development:

Factors Affecting Flutter App Development CostDescription
FeaturesThe cost of developing a Flutter app is more heavily influenced by functionality.Some of the crucial components that are advised for inclusion in your applications are:User-Friendly Responsive InterfaceA Search OptionLocation MapsChat Support/Call Back FunctionData CachingMulti-Factor AuthenticationPayment Gateways IntegrationMulti-Device Synchronization.
Complexity Of The ApplicationsThe cost to design a flutter app increases with an application’s complexity.The following elements impact a Flutter app’s complexity:Tools for Third-Party IntegrationModel for deployment architectureThe capacity of a Flutter application to utilise a device’s built-in features.Admin panel developmentIncorporating technology such as Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, etc.Integration with older systems as well as other hardware devices.
Layout of ApplicationsA layout is a configuration that facilitates the visual presentation of the User Interface (UI). The design you wish to create for your consumers will affect the cost of developing a Flutter app.The following are the primary cost aspects, though:Animation contentLayout complexityVisual materialUser-Flutter developer interaction.
Server Space RentYou should consider integrating server space rent in your cost calculation for mobile app development if your app requires processing and storing user-generated data.A weak server might result in slower application performance and longer user response times. Furthermore, losing user data will be a result of defective servers.
App CategoryCalculating the cost of developing a Flutter app depends heavily on the sort of app you want to create for your business.In the market, there are three primary forms of applications.Dynamic Apps – For a better user experience, dynamic applications rely on real-time access and server-side execution. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps are a few instances of active applications.List Display Applications — In these applications, users may view and interact with various data objects by making multiple or single selections.Games – A game application may have sophisticated features like AI-enabled functions, 3D visuals, high-resolution animation, etc.
DesigningThe design of an app is what first draws the public’s attention. Users are more interested in connecting when an app is designed to be spontaneous and free-flowing.The following are some examples of fundamental design elements that influence the price of developing Flutter apps:Design complexityImages, colors, and animationAmount of displaysInteractive representation.
Backend DevelopmentBackend development is sometimes referred to as the foundation of apps. In addition, it provides a wide range of functions, including data backup, a real-time chatbot, app data, and mobile app security.With backend development, we may add the following features to mobile applications.The database maintains user information and offers a customized experience with backend assistance.It is simple to handle the various needs of clients and other activities.It can manage all the security codes in your apps and provides data encryption.It aids in data archiving.
IntegrationThe cost of developing Flutter apps depends on how much hardware you intend to incorporate into your programs.You can include the following features and functionalities in your Flutter app:AR/VR appsIntegrated SMS gatewayPush notification3-D modellingBody sensor for medical applicationsIntegration of social channelsIntegration with payment gatewaysGPS or AR navigation.
App Release PriceThe cost of developing Flutter apps depends on how much hardware you intend to incorporate into your programs.You can include the following features and functionalities in your Flutter app:The two major app distribution channels are the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.The App Store costs $299 annually if you publish an app for internal usage within your company.Each business charges 30% of each purchase made through your app.
Maintenance & SupportConsistent support, maintenance, and news updates are necessary to keep current customers or draw in new ones.The firm budgets 15-20% of the cost of producing the Flutter app for app maintenance and support services.Regular updates based on user input help address fundamental problems and errors ignored throughout the app creation process.

Here we will talk about the different “Hiring options” as one of the affecting factors in which we will talk in detail about Outsourcing Companies

Futter Application Development Cost at NZ Softech

Flutter mobile app development costs between $10,000 to $100,000 according to the project’s scope.

Check the following table which mentions the type and features of mobile apps.

Type of Mobile AppsFeatures of Mobile Apps
Hybrid AppsSimple to install on a variety of devices and OS systemsSimple usage and reasonable developmentThird-party integration is easy.
Native AppsQuick and Trustworthy AppsHigh Data SecurityOptimal UX DesignComprehensive FunctionalityComplete Integration.

Additionally, we have discussed the different types of flutter app development, timeline, and type-wise flutter app development cost.

App ComplexityCostDevelopment Timeframe
Simple$15,000 to $40,0004 to 6 months
Medium$30,000 to $50,0006 to 12 months
Complex$60,000 to $1,20,00012+ months

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What are the Ways to Reduce Flutter App Development Cost?

If you manage a small business, you’re probably always looking for methods to reduce your expenditures, regardless of your service. One of your major costs can end up being the price of developing an app.

The following advice:

  • Outsource the task

Outsourcing your Flutter app is one of the finest strategies for cutting costs and time to market. Although Flutter is becoming more and more well-liked among developers, there are still not many of them.

Finding a software development company with Flutter developers on hand is simpler than dealing with the difficulty of hiring and onboarding scarce engineers full-time. By working with a developer-focused agent or agency, you can successfully cut the time it takes to launch an app using Flutter.

  • Employ freelancers

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to developing mobile applications. For instance, you can employ freelancers and pay them between $20 and $35 per hour on websites like Upwork or Freelancer.

For smaller-scale or simpler projects, it’s a cost-effective strategy. For bigger tasks, it’s not the greatest choice. A team of at least two independent contractors would be more advantageous in this situation.

  • Eliminate any unnecessary functions and features.

Although it’s crucial to keep expenses down, there are other reasons to keep your Flutter app basic. You can offer more features faster and more consistently if you don’t add a feature unless required to provide the user with the best service possible.

As a result, customers will be more satisfied with a better product in less time.

Flutter App Development Maintenance & Support

Flutter consulting servicesA vital first step is to get going on the correct path. Flutter experts can assist you to examine your present setup and create bespoke Flutter apps to help you use Flutter for a game-changing business strategy.
Flutter app design servicesThe main goal of Flutter app development is to deliver strong, quick-to-design apps.Create Flutter apps that are simple to use, maintain and delight users with beautiful UI and seamless UX.
Cross-platform app developmentTo ensure great speed and a positive user experience, Flutter developers have extensive expertise in designing apps that are safe, scalable, and of the highest quality for Android and iOS.
Advanced and native app developmentFlutter provides flexibility for performance similar to native apps. In order to achieve the appearance and feel of a native app, Flutter developers have the skills to swiftly integrate the native capabilities of local devices.

Can You Use Flutter for Every Application Development?

With Flutter, you can build apps that run on several platforms using a single codebase because it is a cross-platform solution.

Fuchsia, a proposed Google operating system anticipated to eventually replace Android, runs mainly on the Flutter framework.

Below are examples of apps that use Flutter.

Examples of App Uses FlutterExamples of App Uses FlutterDescriptionReviews (Play Store)
ReflectlyThis Flutter app offers in-depth analysis of how your days are going as well as priceless advice from top self-help specialists to help you deal with any mental health challenges.CBT, meditation, and positive psychology are all combined in the AI-powered personal journaling software Reflectly to help users deal with daily stress, get rid of bad ideas, and maintain a happy outlook.4.6
PostmuseThe perfect image is also suggested by this flutter-built program, ensuring that your social media marketing appears genuine.Postmuse is the story editor that helps you make stories that look good on your social media platform3.8
PairingOne of the easiest to use and most straightforward examples of a Flutter app is the dating and social app Pairing. The Instant Run function of Flutter is useful.Pairing improves dating since connections and matches are created through the users’ actual communities.4.3
WatermaniacFlutter enables developers to maintain and update this application with ease as needed. This software enables users to keep track of how much water they take during the day on their smartphones, enabling them to maintain a healthy body weight.Flutter framework enables the lightweight Watermaniac water monitoring app. It allows the user to monitor their frequent water use.2.9
CryptographUsers of the Flutter-run Cryptograph smartphone app can track the historical market movement of their preferred cryptocurrency by accessing real-time data in the form of exchange rate maps.Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP), among other cryptocurrencies, are all covered by the most recent reports and data kept by Cryptograph. The app shows conversion rates for different currencies3.6
HamiltonHamilton, a well-known and award-winning Broadway musical, has an official app that was created using the Flutter framework. It was made specifically to keep the band’s enormous following up to date on all music news.The Hamilton app offers a karaoke feature so users can sing along to their favorite songs, a standard quiz game, access to several Hamilton lottery games, as well as special films and slideshows.4.4
Meritec Digital LearningThe Flutter-created Meritec Digital Learning app provides a portfolio of e-learning goods on a variety of subjects, from fraud detection to cybersecurity.This app provides a portfolio of e-learning goods on a variety of subjects, from fraud detection to cybersecurity.3

FAQs About Costs of Flutter App Development

Q1. What are the services for developing Flutter apps?

Flutter is an open-source web and mobile app SDK that works with iOS and Android.Q2. Is Flutter a backend or a frontend?

The well-known Google frontend development framework, Flutter, enables programmers to create stunning frontends for any screen.Q3. What language is Flutter written in?

An app built with Flutter uses Dart programming language, which takes advantage of many of its more advanced functionalities.Q4. How much money can a Flutter programmer make?

The yearly income for a Flutter Developer is $131,625 with salaries ranging from $110,000 to $160,000.Q5. Who wins: Flutter vs React Native?

FlutterReact Native
The documentation for Flutter is well-formatted, organized, and comprehensive. In contrast, React Native’s documentation requires some explanation.React Native’s documentation is less well-organized because it also relies largely on community-developed dependent libraries.
Larger file sizes are typical for Flutter apps. Flutter apps’ increased build sizes compel them to occupy more space.Applications built using React Native have a JavaScript runtime environment. Although they often have larger build sizes, Hermes and ProGuard can be enabled in React Native to decrease this size.


In conclusion, some of the biggest firms in the industry have shown that building apps with Flutter can be advantageous for your business.

In our opinion, Flutter is an exceptionally sensible option in the following situations:

Flutter gives you a new, expressive vocabulary and more functionality with less effort. The community is already taking an interest in and building traction with Flutter. Because more young engineers are using this technology, it is simpler to assemble the best team.

If you are searching for Flutter app development services or consultation for your business, feel free to reach us.

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