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Entertainment is an experience. Deliver the best user experience for your users with an media and entertainment app that is built for video streaming, audio streaming, gaming and much more.

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Design otherworldly experiences with our Entertainment Mobile App Development expertise

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Listening to music. Watching a movie. Tuning into a podcast. Reading a book. Playing a game. Almost every imaginable form of entertainment has moved to the digital medium. Mobile apps have become the one source for all entertainment. NZ Softech builds mobile apps for entertainment that will turn your users into loyal customers who get used to it like a habit.

And, how do we do that? During our decade-long experience in mobile app development, we have found out that entertainment is one of a kind of an industry. It is highly segmented and requires personalization. As an entertainment app owner, you would want to build apps that can personalization at a mass scale. That is quite a challenge.

With NZ Softech by your side, you can overcome those challenges in Media and Entertainment App Development and build entertainment apps that can keep users hooked for hours long.

Everything you need to serve endless entertainment

We build all types of entertainment apps that modern-day users have got accustomed to as a way of life.

Audio & Video Streaming

Real-Time Content Update

GPS Enabled

In-App Purchases

Push Notifications

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Integration

Advance CMS

Our experience-driven Entertainment Mobile App Development

We offer a lot more than Entertainment Mobile App Development. We offer experience development through entertainment mobile apps.

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Video Streaming Apps

Build video streaming apps that can stream pre-recorded videos or live videos to millions of customers with high quality. We can also help integrate paywalls into the app for monetization.

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Music Streaming Apps

Build the next Spotify or SoundCloud that will allow users to stream music from their favorite artists and bands to any device. Apps can be configured with features for offline downloads, playlist creation, etc.

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Photo Editing & Sharing Apps

Not everybody is an expert with image editing tools. But, with our media app development expertise, your users can have photo editing and sharing apps that will allow them to edit photos without any prior expertise.

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Gaming App

Build a mobile gaming app — puzzle, strategy, action, adventure, word, trivia — or anything else with our gaming app development expertise.

Our unique traits as a Entertainment App Development Company

Get to know our specialities that makes us the best choice for Entertainment App Development Solutions.

Multi-language Support

Your media and entertainment apps must appeal to a global audience. They must have multi-language support so that uses can switch to a language of their preference to use the app conveniently.


Your app requirements, business model, USPs — and everything else will remain discreet. We can sign a Non-disclosure agreement to put the terms in writing.

App-store Friendly

App store optimization is a powerful tool that can help your media or gaming app rank higher in app stores. Our ASO expertise will ensure that your app will get maximum momentum and downloads from the day of launch.

App Monetization

Turning a mobile app into a source of revenue is not a task that is easily done. Our app monetization techniques will help you create the right monetization channels that will help you monetize the app aptly.

Experienced Developers

Your media and gaming app is in safe hands. We have experienced developers who know how to turn abstract gaming concepts into highly-compelling game concepts that will engage users.

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Indeed this makes us proud as a mobile app development company. Check out the popular product forums, thriving social communities and app stores where our apps have made it to the leaderboards and favouri e lists.

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INZ Softech offers three engagement models in web and mobile app development: part-time hiring, full-time hiring and hourly hiring. Our engagement models are designed to give you maximum flexibility while helping you meet your resource requirements.

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