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2.5 Billion users from all around the world use instant messaging apps on a daily basis. From exchanging pleasantries to collaborating on the go, an instant messaging app can make a lot happen. Want to build an instant messaging app that does not more than messaging? You have landed on the right page.

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Connect real-time, everytime with the instant messaging app development

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Once upon a time, pigeons carried messages. Then came post mail. Then, Graham Bell introduced the world to landlines. In the past few decades, landlines have evolved into mobiles and mobiles into the ultimate smartphones. Man’s need for communication is what has pushed the glorious transformation of telecommunication.

Instant messaging was born out of the same need. Thanks to smartphones that are as powerful as the computers that put man on the moon, today instant messaging has become a thing that we take for granted. Instant messaging has empowered us all with a utility that even Graham Bell would not have dreamt of — real-time communication.

From a small group of friends to a thousand-strong workforce, instant messaging helps everyone share information and get things done. An instant messaging app can connect remotely located individuals to each other in real-time without the need for any bulky hardware or expensive bandwidth.

All that it takes is an instant messaging app. A feature-rich instant messaging app can empower users to exchange real-time text messages, audio messages, transact video calling, share multimedia or even create chat groups and communities.

Want to build a custom-made instant messaging app that can connect users any where ,anytime?

Custom Instant Messaging App Solutions Features

Instant messaging can take any form. Whichever form you want to use, we will help you get it.

Social Integrations
Group Chat
Multimedia and File Sharing
Video Calling
Social Integrations
Social Integrations
Group Chat
Multimedia and File Sharing
Video Calling
social integration

Social Integrations

Build a chat app that can integrated into your social handles. Add more life to your website or support portal with a real-time chat app that shows online presence indicators, typing status, timestamp, multimedia sharing and much more. Users can also log into the chat app using their social media logins sparing them from the need to remember usernames and passwords.

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Group Chat

Add more members to a chat to create a group chat. Assign a name to the group chat complete with text, special characters and emojis. Group chat admins can add or remove users at their discretion. All group members can send messages, audio clippings, video recordings, real-time location, and also respond inline to other group member’s conversations.

multimedia and file sharing

Multimedia and File Sharing

Sharing multimedia content in the form of images, video, audio and documents is what makes instant messaging a powerful communication medium. Your instant messaging app needs that power to make users into productive professionals. NZ Softech has built instant messengers with multimedia and file sharing features for a diverse range of industries.
Be it official usage or social usage, we can help build the right instant message app for you.

video calling

Video Calling

Catch up with your friends, families and teams with face-to-face video calling. It is simple, secure and easy-to-setup and does not require you have to any extra hardware or software. All it takes is a tap on the app interface to connect visually, real-time with your contacts.
Build bonds or enhance productivity with a custom-built instant messaging app.

Contact Syncing
Voice Calling
Push Notifications
Contact Syncing
Contact Syncing
Voice Calling
Push Notifications
contact syncing

Contact Syncing

Sync contacts from your address book, email or SIM card without any trouble. The contacts will be carried forward with names, display pictures and statuses as set by the contacts. No manual editing is required since the contacts are synced via cloud. Contacts added to phonebook or email can also be automatically synced in the instant messaging app.



Instant messaging is not just about sending and receiving text messages. Take your user’s messaging experience to the next level with features like real-time location sharing. The instant messaging app solutions will be integrated with GPS and navigation APIs that fetches the user device’s real-time location for real-time sharing.

voice call

Voice Calling

Connect remote teams and individuals to one another with voice calling. Users can place voice calls from the app with internet as the communication medium. The app is also capable of call holding, call recording, call conferencing and many other telephony features.
Want to turn your instant messaging app into a carry-anywhere telephone? NZ Softech can help.

push notifications

Push Notifications

Be in the know of incoming messages, missed voice/video calls, files received and much more. Your instant messaging app can be integrated with a push notification feature that will allow users to preview notifications without going into the app.

Make sure your users see what their notifications even with a locked screen. Push notifications can prove to be useful for that.

Ready-to-go Admin Panel

From setting the theme of the chatbox to moderating member acitivity, command complete control over your instant messaging app

One panel to manage them all

Being a leader and being an admin are almost the same thing. You have to ensure that all your users get the features they want. At the same time, you cannot be monitoring their activity on an individual basis. You need a single command center, a control console from where everything can be handled.

NZ Softech understands this need for building a comprehensive control panel for its instant messaging app solutions. We have designed the admin app panel in such a manner that you will be able to do everything from adding new members, removing dormant accounts, viewing reports or even setting premium plan features from a single dashboard.

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How an instant messaging app build personal bonding

Social media messaging is too noisy. Instant messaging is too limited in features. Our client felt the need to build an instant messaging app that had the personalized feel of a social media app and the feature-richness of a full-stack communication app. They asked and we delivered.

NZ Softech provided an instant messaging app development for real-time communication. The app allowed users to search and add friends, send and receive multimedia files, create personalized one-to-one chats or group chats, customize chat backgrounds and much more.

The advantage of our instant messaging app solution

NZ Softech strives to deliver value to clients. Our instant messaging app development solution is docked with benefits that will make your time and money spent worthwhile.

Encrypted Messages

Your chats should be for your eyes and your recipient’s eyes only and no one else. We fortify the instant messaging apps we build with high-end encryption that keeps your chat and media safe from all possible data security threats.

Cloud Synchronization

Chats are meant to go wherever you go. They should not be siloed making information scattered and less accessible. We can help you access your chats anywhere, anytime with cloud synchronization.

100% Customizable

Chat app for your organization? Social media app for your online store? A personal chat app for one to on talks. Customize our instant messaging app solution to meet any specific messaging needs.

Full Access to Source Code

Your app, your rules. Make it work anyway with access to the source code. We give access to the source code so that you can decide which features and which ones to modify to suit your requirements.

Lightweight Application

Don’t cough too much storage for a single app. Our app requires minimal system requirements that will be lighter on your storage as well as RAM memory. You can work it on any system without any trouble.


Let the app speak the language of your users with multi-lingual compatibility. You can set the language preferences in the admin panel or let users choose their own preferred language while configuring the app.

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