10 Best Startup Business Ideas For Post-COVID 19

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COVID-19 has rendered several startup business idea owners clueless. Unfortunately, panic is not an option. The way you respond to a crisis is to embrace yourself better for the change. One way to adopt this change is to start a business amidst the pandemic. 

As lockdown relaxes and the world prepares to resume the new normal, there is a drop in the world’s GDP. We are beginning to see what a “modern standard” might look like, so what are the business opportunities around? There are ways to battle the lockdown blues.

Here are three ways to start a new startup business idea with the recession around. 

There are opportunities to recover from a recession, particularly that which has become so unforeseen and dramatic because it brings up new issues that need to be addressed. 

You think about your plan for selling it when you have your small business ideas. There are three options:

  1. Defining a goal

Getting a clear goal or “why” is a smart idea, whether there is a recession. It can build a distinction, competitive advantage, and loyalty to brands.

  1. Make it affordable

If there’s anything that people do not need right now is overtly expensive products. Make sure you offer excellent quality at an affordable rate that you are planning with your new startup business ideas.

  1. Make it robust

People know when they buy cheap, they believe it twice so that recessions can often lead to spending a little more on high-quality goods. Particularly if this needs to last for a long time, and you can use it more frequently, such as garden furniture, cooking equipment or home furniture. 

The next time the heavy traffic will be on the online portal. This offers individuals a golden opportunity to set up their online service companies. Also, in the current scenario, the best companies to start online would be a win-win situation for you. Here is all you need to know what online companies and ideas you can quickly create and set up.

List of a Few Startup Business Ideas to Get Started Quickly

 Startup business ideas

1. Be an Online Tutor 

Millions of parents have to tackle homeschooling when attempting to work from home. Many schools and institutes would need parents to become a part of the assignment or sessions. It gets too demanding for them. Those looking to keep their health under check may need an online health instructor with gyms still not safe to visit. This holds for music teachers, dance instructors, etc.  

The online teaching business is in a certain boom— this is turning out to be one of the best startup business ideas in 2021. You can start a new company around it with a YouTube channel for it, or even an Instagram page. The goal should be to reach out to as many people as possible with your skills and experience. Some people need the right guidance at their convenience. For them, you are someone who can bring a change by enabling them to render your knowledge that can enhance their way of life.

 in 2021. You can start a new company around it with a YouTube channel for it, or even an Instagram page. The goal should be to reach out to as many people as possible with your skills and experience. Some people need the right guidance at their convenience. For them, you are someone who can bring a change by enabling them to render your knowledge that can enhance their way of life.

 in 2021. You can start a new company around it with a YouTube channel for it, or even an Instagram page. The goal should be to reach out to as many people as possible with your skills and experience. Some people need the right guidance at their convenience. For them, you are someone who can bring a change by enabling them to render your knowledge that can enhance their way of life.

You can either get associated with the institute or start educating your students online on YouTube or another such medium. It just needs you to invest in a laptop, broadband connections, and any subscription charges.

2. Create an Online Shopping Experience

We know that Amazon has a large stake in the e-commerce market. Only if you do not try to compete directly; there are still opportunities for your small startup business ideas for eCommerce. Subscription models (where customers regularly register to receive something) can generate revenue while providing customers with convenient yet personalized products. 

 They could be as simple as toilet papers to something like a coffee machine. Amidst the storm of the COVID-19, brick-and-mortar businesses are finding it challenging to survive successfully in the market. Fortunately, the digital platform is there to rescue. Companies can extend the reach of their consumers online and improve sales. 

As per the Quantum Metric report, the number of online shoppers has risen by 52 percent since the beginning of the outbreak, and the conversion rate is up by 8.8 since then.  

People are looking to buy something that can add value and make them feel good rather than just opting for mass-produced goods. Try redefining their online shopping by creating interactive web designs, an intuitive buying experience, and ensuring safe online payment options.  

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3. Grocery Delivery

The fear of contracting the virus pushes people to make deliberate choices staying home and ordering groceries. Also, the initial lockdown witnessed people queuing up to stock the essentials. But as the market unlocks, there is still a segment of society for whom it is not safe to shop. For them, the ideal way to get things home is to have an online grocery delivery service of not going to food stores offline.  

This is the key reason why there is a sharp rise in food and grocery delivery apps, one of the lucrative startup business ideas in the on-demand ecosystem. Were you aware that Instacart, Walmart’s food app, and Shipt downloads have respectively increased by 218% to 160% and by 124%? These applications ensured that they remain safe within their houses and get the necessary staples delivered at their doorstep.

4. Food Delivery

After the government ordered a mandatory lockdown, many restaurants had to close down their shutters. It no longer seems to be the right choice for them to wait for a return to normal. But it sure sounds fine to turn to online distribution. The Guardian notes that food facilities prosper, as consumers tend to remain to prevent infectious illnesses from spreading. 

If you are a restaurant business owner or an entrepreneur, you can start your branded food delivery application. With food delivery services, your customers can order and enjoy contactless food items online.

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5. Fitness & Wellness App

Offline gyms and fitness facilities are seriously affected by the outbreak of pandemics. On the opposite, digital channels have proved to be a disguised blessing for the fitness industry. Business Insider claims that, after big gymnastics chains shut their doors to avoid the coronavirus outbreak, people are turning more and more to digital training services to keep their practice from home. 

Those of you who have creative Startup business ideas for making fitness & wellness apps can get in touch with online tutors and experts like dieticians, yoga teachers, gym instructors, etc.  

6. Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

One thing that has changed forever post-COVID-19 is how people access supermarkets, restaurants, and small shops. People need to get the temperature check done and use hand sanitisers as a part of the ‘new normal’ protocol. This is where you can enter the commercial sanitiser market by creating a sensor-based sanitiser dispenser. You can offer the dispenser with sanitiser and enable you to get hold of commercial clients regularly.  

Public health and hygiene are bound to remain the priority in the common interest. This holds, especially with the rising number of infections during the second wave and businesses remaining open. Your new Startup business ideas for sanitiser dispensers will also enable you to reach broader markets like factories, shopping malls, and cinemas in the long run. 

7. UVC Disinfectants

The transfer of persons from COVID-19-infected buildings to disinfect them constitutes a health risk, particularly in small rooms and restricted areas. Most drones cannot fly indoors and in confined spaces, but you can use UVC light disinfection with special industrial drones to create the Aertos 120 UVC drone. You can start with the UVC drone disinfection business.

These drones are designed to fly in indoor and enclosed spaces and provide UVC cleaning, reducing health risks. Potential sites include doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, waiting areas, grocery and convenience stores, companies, and areas between first responders and health workers. UVC light sanitation technology in the healthcare sector is commonly used, but many UVC light systems are massive, cost-prohibiting, or uncommon. Many other Startup business ideas have used this life-saving technology by combining industrial drones with small but powerful UVC lights.

8. On-demand Cleaning Services

It should not be shocking that professional cleaning services that sane offices restaurants, and homes are in demand because the fears of coronavirus are spreading worldwide. There is an observed 95% increase in the cleaning services post-pandemic. 

Speaking of COVID-19, the market for industrial buildings and medical facilities has increased significantly for cleaning firms. People are more concerned about hygiene and health, leading them to be finicky about their surroundings. Starting an app-based cleaning service offers a win-win situation for businesses and customers alike. With more customers looking for cleaning and disinfection services, an app provides a convenient way to connect and order with the service providers.

9. Drive-in Movie Theaters

One of the unusual types of Startup business ideas that have recently achieved popularity in the coronavirus age is drive-in cinema. The regular film theatres are less safe (most of them are opening up with restructures, and many are closing) as they let hundreds in small spaces meet. On the contrary, driving theatres allow people to have their private car shows and provide families with a way out. The initial trend before the lockdown was that people were choosing drive-in cinemas over conventional ones. 

Although it is not clear whether these driving theatres stay open when many non-essential industries are closed, in a new era where holding the distance is encouraged by the coronavirus epidemic, these companies may see a revival. And if you are looking to make a sound investment in the entertainment space, then starting a drive-in movie theatre makes some sense. 

10. Game Makers and Sellers

The new coronavirus forces people to stay at home, rendering people to find more sense of purpose within the four walls. Since it is not advisable to move out a lot and socialize, playing video games can make up for the void. This holds for the digital board games and puzzle makers as they drive virtual socialization to keep friends and families entertained. 

Families seek out quarantine fun, a testament to the same increase in demand for board games by 20%. Also, the market for children unable to attend school is growing for many small video game developers working on creative games. These games are highly interactive to hold students’ attention while providing them with the necessary education platform. If you have creative Startup business ideas to leverage the opportunity, building a game can be a great advantage in the current situation.


There are a plethora of small Startup business ideas that you can think of. Start with writing a one-page business plan to incorporate one of the above ideas: the service, how you will price it and our strategy to market it. These ideas will help you ease the struggles of people while bringing a little money. Any business’s future will depend on how you can sell your new business to a position where you can be precisely where you can grow. 

The next decade is all about welcoming unique and modern innovation while ensuring users the niche they crave for. A simple business like making and selling masks can have layers of creativity from the materials used to its design. Your small Startup business ideas can flourish if you can gauge future opportunities better and stay prepared for unforeseen changes when the time comes.

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